PL Spread: Birthday

Hooray, a new post from me! I wanted to upload some spreads here to help show how much fun Project Life can be.

First up: my first week! I decided to start on my birthday because: 1) why not? 2) I remember things in the past not by what year they occurred, but by how old I was when they happened. This may change next year, but for now, I like it and I’m sticking to it.


Cards used: Clementine Edition, Seafoam Edition. As always, everyone’s faces blurred except mine.


What happened this week: I turned 26. My team had a dinner at Beso, a restaurant with really yummy sangria and paella. They surprised me with a cake that hilariously turned out to be the Same! Exact! Cake! that The Boy had bought for me. I had friends over for dinner and I blew out the candles at midnight.


What I like about this week’s spread: The Instax photos fit perfectly onto 3×4 cards. Such a fun, easy way to document a party!


I also used an insert this week. Bottom two cards were freebies online that I can’t seem to find now! The “loved this week” card is actually a brush from Ali Edwards that I recolored to match the aqua color scheme.

Good Things Come

I have to keep reminding myself this as I wait for my Singapore trip to get my hands on my Project Life kits.

In the meantime, I have been:

1. Stocking up on washi tape — I get mine from


2. Buying cute stickers. These are from my favorite store, Kikki K.


3. Taking photos with my new Instax (Thanks, boyfriend!)


4. Cutting up old paper that I had stocked up on a couple of years back from a duty free store in Clark Airbase


5. Printing quote cards from my design idol, Elise Blaha.

Image c/o Elise Blaha

7. Saving free Project Life printables that I find online.

Flying to SG tonight, picking up my kits tomorrow. Wahoo! 🙂

“So, crafts is your ‘thing’?”

Resurrecting this blog! I have been obsessed with Project Life for a couple of weeks now. I used to scrapbook but some projects ended up on the backburner due to lack of time. Never really thought of myself as a “crafty” person, but after leaving preschool teaching to pursue a corporate job, I found that I’d missed making simple art with my students.

How excited was I when my friends Yam and CH introduced me to Project Life? It made me excited to revisit all my past trips. Of all the significant travels I’ve had: Oxford (age 17), Europe (age 20), Egypt (age 20), India (age 24), and US (age 25), only the first one has been transformed into a scrapbook.

I look forward to using Project Life to revisit these trips and create a physical reminder of how blessed I am to be able to travel. How fun — and sometimes challenging, haha — it is to have my mom as a travel buddy. How awesome it is to be able to see the world with my best friends.

I’ve ordered Clementine and Seafoam kits from Scraplicious in SG, the official retailer for Project Life. Since my mom and I are heading to SG for Chinese New Year, I’ll pick them up this weekend! I will most likely use Seafoam for my ’26’ album (I just turned 26 the other week, so my album will start then) and Clementine for my first travel PL album, Europe.

I am SO EXCITED about this project! It’s gonna take a long while to make them all, and that’s okay. 🙂

Project Life is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.